Bruce Dickinson

Fusion Sonica Episode 19 – Bruce Dickinson

During this episode we take a journey through Bruce Dickinson’s solo work.

Fusion Sonica Episode 18 – Angelus Apatrida

Today marks ten years since I started to podcast, this very podcast.  As a result, I wanted to focus on a band that has been ...
Quiet Riot

Fusion Sonica Episode 17 – Five Reasons Quiet Riot

QUIET RIOT LEGENDARY L.A. BAND Kicking off our five reasons why series, we take five songs outside of the hits, or well known tracks to ...

Fusion Sonica Episode 16 – 90s Hard Rock And Metal

This Rock N Pod Expo exclusive episode contain tracks from the 90s. Tracks that I think demonstrate that 90s hard rock and metal didn’t actually ...

Fusion Sonica Episode 015 – Lesser Known Track

This Rock N Pod Expo exclusive episode contains lesser known tracks by somewhat known groups.

Fusion Sonica Episode 014 – Freedom

Recorded this on July 4th and selected songs that had the word freedom in the title.